Kimiko Kajikawa, Children's Book AuthorKimiko Kajikawa, Children's Book Author
Kimiko Kajikawa, Children's Book Author

Dancing Rainbows — A Pueblo Boy's Story

Text and Photographs by Kimiko Kajikawa (writing as Evelyn Clarke Mott)

Cobblehill Books (a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.), 1996
Ages 4-9
ISBN 0-5256-5216-7



Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Drums beat loudly.

Jingle... Jingle... Jingle... Bells jingle as dancers in colorful costumes move to the beat of the drums. 

Bread is baking in the oven, and food is cooking for the feast. 

It's Feast Day at San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico — a day of dancing, feasting, and fun!

Join Curt, a young Pueblo Indian and his grandfather, Andy, at Feast Day.  Informative text and full-color photographs capture a celebration and culture that is rich in beauty and tradition.  For children 4 - 9.


I flew out to San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico to photograph the book.   I only had one week but was fortunate enough to be able to spend it on the reservation.  In such a short period of time, I grew very attached to the San Juan Pueblo people and their way of life that it was extremely difficult for me to leave.  I sobbed hysterically the entire plane ride home.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.


Forecasts / Children's Books: Dancing Rainbows: A Pueblo Boy's Story
Publisher's Weekly

"It's Feast Day at San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico, and the Tewa tribe of Pueblo Indians has gathered for a day of dancing, drums, feasting and prayer. Bringing readers behind the scenes, the author's deftly turned photo-essay introduces a Pueblo boy, Curt, and his grandfather, Andy, a tribe elder, as they prepare for the festivities. Details of Pueblo culture are interspersed... Invoking Andy's lessons to Curt, the text gracefully stresses the tribe's traditional reverence for and spiritual connection to nature. The vibrant photographs work almost as a photo album, showing the day's events as well as the special relationship Curt and his grandfather share. While including a generous assortment of photos of costumed dancers, young and old, she has gone beyond preserving the pageantry of a single occasion to pay homage to the Tewa and their way of life."


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